Taller Bio-trans-lab.º
As a transhackfeminist bioelectronic lab we live in a constant performance, acquiring and sharing knowledge with a huge doses of experimentalism and Noise.X. We love to do workshops, any kind of technology oriented ones, from the body to the nature of voltage and frequencies around. The last update and intra-activity project is a tentacle of this lab called Gynepunk.

some of the tools already done in this way :
GYNEpunk: Autonomous gynecologyLAB

At the moment we are immersed on the scientific and witchcraft whatever knowledge that give us the pleasure to build home bio punk labs oriented in this case on gynecological always open up new directions and fructiferous collaborations around the world. To explore through experiments and acquiring situated knowledge about queer natures and surroundings.

But let me know about interactions we are update for :
workshop about how to build hardware devices ( from DIWO DIY synths to autonomous bio.electronic labs):

* DIWO audio synthesizers.
* FrequencyModulator receptors.
* kicad design.
* how to make your own Pcbs.
* biopunk health and all kind of hacked devices to research and experiment with wet/dry matter (Microscopes to analyses and see about your epithelial cells, centrifuges, shakers, PCR)
* learn about your body, where your glands are, how to use the speculum to watch inside your vagina, identify candida plant treatment for vaginosis.
* 3d modeling and print.
* automation of processes for ecological resources, turbine hacking and water control.
* how to grow spiruline.
* all kind of big hardware for autonomous living ( stove, mud walls, fotovoltaic recycling … ).
rectangles are links to pages were we were documenting some of the workshops (soon more)
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