Experimental circuits to learn how the synthetizers work.

pechsynth based on Auduino project

analogic synth based on the nand gate logic chip 4093
take the pdf workshop here
the circuit is
Nand gate logic synth
the Pdf include a nice instroduction to electronics y general and three circuits
1- nand gate with four gates
2- nand gate with only two gates and light sensor base on micro noise from SMGK
3- LM386 20-200W amplifier
this was a workshop from 2012 until now
we take the instructions from here, now we are programing another one, to have more than pentatonic scale
take the pdf workshop here
pics about the develop process for aNal giTal synth
electromagnetic field and inductance
circuits for vlf
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amplificate living/ vibrant matter

body signals/ enviorement signals

amplificate living/ vibrant matter : body signals/ enviorement signal

what you perceive is not the totality of what exists … This workshop is based on the use of devices that amplify a signal, whether this be from the body (galvanic skin response / human / plant), radio frequency or the earth
…. We will listen for distant signals from jupiter
do not panic with the circuits, it is just a way to facilitate understanding and to go towards technological autonomy (of body, mind and free environment)

download all the complete info abour schematics and electronic theory here
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